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The?Two Minute Tune-ups? program?was specifically?designed to take?care of those who take care of business. Our focus is on helping you use your body in quick, easy ways that encourage healthy joints, muscles, and tissue.

There are many office fitness?programs that try to bring gym?exercises into the workplace, but this isn?t what we do.?We won?t be asking you to take laps around the cubicles, or do jumping jacks in the conference room.

We’ve put together the top exercises specifically designed for people who work at desks, and we’re ready to share them with you today.



?Flow of the program


Check Schedule

Every weekday you get a clickable schedule delivered straight to your inbox that tells you exactly what to do, and when.

Option 1: Follow the schedule. Simply click on an hour to watch the video.
Option 2: Click what aches. Click the area that needs some attention to watch the video.

Each email also has an Advanced Options section with quick links to tutorials, printable checklists, and more!

Follow Along

Simply click the link in the daily email, and follow along with the two minute exercise video.

Advanced Option:?Want to explore? Our easy to navigate online library allows you to get to any of our 100+ HD videos with just a couple of clicks. Browse our tune-ups (workouts) and tutorials anytime, anywhere.

Go Deeper

Since proper form matters to your body, it matters to us, too. Every exercise in the?Two Minute Tune-ups? program has an in-depth tutorial that goes along with it.

Learn proper form and common mistakes to watch out for so you can get the most out of every tune-up.


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Program Description

The?Two Minute Tune-ups? program?is a comprehensive program of quick, at-desk exercises that will refresh your body and help you make it through the day. It was specifically?designed to take?care of those who take care of business.

Program Details

Videos: 100+ HD Workouts & Tutorials
Schedule: New schedule every weekday
Access: Stream anytime, anywhere

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